International Recruitment Challenges

student fairsFPP EDU Media started up in 1997 with a vision to bridge the gap in international education by linking qualified students with international programs of great quality. As FPP staff, we know the international recruitment challenges and a limited budget reality. These reasons made the FPP company come up with an outstanding pre-screening process which has benefited both international students and the educational institutions. Generally, we have been assisting educational institutions worldwide personalize their recruitment attempts by providing print publications, personalized consulting services, online resources and the best international student recruitment fairs. We expanded our boundaries in 2007 by holding our best quality Education EXPOS in Europe. In 2013, we launched our fairs in Asia and the Middle East in 2014 simultaneously. FPP EDU Media is the biggest fair organizer in South America. In 2014, 2,300 booths in more than eighty days of fairs across 15 countries, in 42 cities in 4 continents were hosted by FPP, boasting the most return rate in the business. With staff in ten countries, FPP EDU Media provides market insight and unparalleled local expertise along innovative recruiting technological solutions.

Student Fairs
Our fairs are ranked the top most in the corporation because we deliver: Quality students who are pre-screened with the focus on registering students with the inclination and means to study overseas to visit our fairs. We also deliver smart technology through our innovative scanning technology enabling schools to amass student information and connect with them throughout fair. We also deliver more enrollments with the help of combined quality, smart technology and pre-screened students. This allows exhibitors to connect easily with the students, boosting fair results.

The Brilliance Behind Our Student Fairs
Students who wish to visit an FPP Student Fair anywhere in the globe are to register online. FPP uses a specific algorithm to look into the registrations and resolve each and every student’s intentions, means and resources to study overseas. Around 30-40% of the registering students with the required profile are allowed to attend. We also have an FPP mobile App which allows the exhibiting corporations scan students and compile student data for instant follow-up. Your FPP Client Area keeps your contact details from the FPP events visited and scanned learner’s profiles. The App provides access to fair statistics and logistical information. The exhibiting institutions are given a cost unpaid profile on, accessed by more than 1.6 million registered learners. Make sure you received our competitive service throughout your EDUEXPO experience to be fully prepared and benefit more from your participation. Our company has the best return rate in the global student fair industry, with 81% displayers coming back for more services.

Government Events
FPP EDU Media has been picked by some governments to officially organize the student fairs in their countries. The Canadian Government for example has entrusted us to organize the student fairs for four years. The exhibitors number increased yearly. The Australian government has attended FPP’s EDUEXPOS in Europe and Latin America for many years. The Australian government picked out FPP EDU Media as an official partner for 2016. We held the Australians stands in our EDUEXPOS in Peru and Chile.

In conclusion, FPP EDU Media offers the highest quality online and personal international student recruitment services. Please make sure you attend our next expos and student fairs.